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  • Sharolyn DeWitt

Is Good Customer Service Dead?

In the words of Marvin Gaye, “WHAT’S GOING ON” with customer service these days? Is it dead? It most certainly has a growing attitude and lacks professionalism and has become a negative stereotype associated with far too many minority-owned small businesses. In this era of the Black Lives Matter movement, the injustices and misperceptions projected onto Black Americans for centuries are being unmasked and crumbling as the world is finally realizing and recognizing the centuries-long travesties suffered by Black Americans. It is 2020 – synonymous with clear vision – and within this moment - if we seize this moment - we have the opportunity to build or rebuild Black Wall Street 2.0 bigger, better, and more widespread than was created during the early 1900s. We, either personally or through our ancestors, have earned this moment. Are you going to let bad customer service be the death of your historical moment – your business? While we are at it, let us also tear down the stigmas associated with black businesses.

At all times, you have to remember that people are not just buying your products or services; they are also buying your salesmanship – the total purchasing experience you deliver. Reflect for a moment: Would you buy from you? If you walked into Dillard’s and met you as the salesperson, would you enjoy your purchasing experience or ask to speak to a manager? Or even would you declare never to shop there again? If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, you have some much needed adjusting to how you deliver customer service. C’mon on – we all know what good customer service looks and feels like; it makes us feel good about our purchasing choices and sometimes causes us to go overboard and spend too much. Think of some of the businesses you have patronized and enjoyed your purchasing experience. Mimic that!

If it helps, consider developing a salesperson persona that kicks in when your Open For Business light is on. There are three foundational elements you need in your salesperson persona: be joyous and exciting, be friendly, and be knowledgeable. Still reflecting on your most pleasant purchasing experiences, was the salesperson joyous and excited about the product or service? Were they friendly? And, did they educate you about the product or service you were interested in purchasing? Did they get you excited about the product or service as well? Again, mimic that! Do not let a nasty attitude and attempts to be “cute” come between you and your coins, even when the customers themselves are nasty. Put on your professional customer service persona every day before walking into your establishment, which may require prayer every morning before opening hours. Simply ask God to fill you with an infectious spirit of joy, excitement, friendliness, and product or service knowledge to help you to enjoy another day of business success.

Do not let you stand in the way of your success. Seize this moment and break into your Sasha Fierce for your success and the success of your business or career.

Article Submitted by Sharolyn DeWitt of Analiese Financial and Consulting Services LLC

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