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Art Comes to Life with The Dreamer Apparel Brand

Art comes to life in apparel created by two young female entrepreneurs – black and brown by nature and united by a dream to create artistic and fashionable clothing for their generation. The Dreamer Apparel line, founded by Ana Lizeth and English Garner in 2020, is a brand designed to send a message to people from all walks of life. Whether you are a great painter, designer, teacher, photographer, chef, barber, or another type of business owner, you work in your area to serve different purposes. These occupations connect lives by one thing – the individual’s ability and drive to be creative while helping others to grow and flourish. Lizeth and Garner agree that while growing up, they often heard people say, “if it is not a corporate job, then it isn’t a job at all.” For generations, it has been programmed into the minds of young artists worldwide that their work is nothing more than a hobby, or that they cannot transform their work into something grand. The Dreamer Apparel brand aims to set the standard by raising the bar. Originally from Tampico, Tamaulipas, Ana Lizeth is an artist who has been drawing and using her most creative mind since she was able to pick up a pencil. It wasn’t until her grade school years that she realized how much talent she possessed. Coming from a family filled with talent, she finally decided to take her artistic abilities seriously. Partnering with English Garner, an Horry County native with an eye for the latest trends in fashion, they decided to start a business where art is the main focus of their apparel line. Since they launched their clothing brand in April 2020, they have sold apparel all over the country – from east to west coast – selling out of popular items quickly on almost a daily basis.

In their line of clothing, you will find the latest style of relaxed fit clothing and headwear that display prints of original artwork designed and signed by Lizeth, as well as creative slogans that describe the lives of creators all around the world. The hottest selling piece of apparel in their line is the black “Creator” t-shirt. In a day and time when everyone loves to sport the most stylish attire, these designers wanted to create a brand that contributes something to the wearer that is meaningful. The t-shirt features a butterfly on the lower left sleeve with an emblem symbolizing both the growth and transformation of the brand. It also speaks to the wearer as a creator in their own right. Both Lizeth and Garner agree that as a creator, it is essential that you remain a true-blue believer in all that you produce, no matter your occupation or position in life. “Your creativity will always be a gift, as well as a clear window to your inevitable transformation,” said Garner. Lizeth and Garner believe that under no circumstance should you ever stop creating, for creation is a form of unification and a gateway to success. These young female entrepreneurs and owners of The Dreamer Apparel brand urge everyone to “stay loyal to their grind“ and never stop contributing to their future.

You can find items available in The Dreamer Apparel Collection by visiting

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